Sunrise Beauty

I was very excited when Elizabeth asked me if I would be interested in photographing her. Elizabeth is kind, fun, and a beautiful person in every way. We woke up before the sun rose on the day of our session, with the help of Starbucks of course. There is something magical to me about the wide open feeling of being near the ocean. To get to do what I love most, as the sun rose and the waves crashed, I was in heaven on this photoshoot! Elizabeth was so much fun to photograph. I loved her willingness and sense of adventure. We walked a mile down the beach, stood in the crashing waves, and she even lay down on the salty docks in front of some fisherman! This session was a dream, and I am so happy to show you her complete gallery. This experience genuinely represents what a Pearly Kate Beauty Session is all about; personality, passion, creativity, joy, peace, but most of all, beauty from the inside out.