Lisa + Rob | Engagement


I loved photographing Lisa and Rob’s engagement session in Gaithersburg, Maryland at the beautiful Agricultural History Farm Park.  First of all could their dog Abby be any cuter?  I adored that Rob and Lisa wanted to include Abby in their engagement session, because it is such a big part of their relationship and really brought out a fun, relaxed and comfortable energy for us all.  This session in particular helped me realize the importance of an engagement session and has assisted me in being able to explain to my clients why it can be so meaningful and useful. 


I saw how much more comfortable and confident Lisa felt after seeing her engagement photos (and how beautiful she looked!).  I saw this confidence shine through her, on her wedding day.  I knew before the session that Lisa was a quite nervous about being photographed on such a big day, when I asked her main wedding stress she expressed that it would be getting photographed and them not coming out well.  Being able to comfort her, show her, her beauty, and assure her that together we would rock her wedding photos….or better yet that her and Rob, would was priceless!

“It’s true having an engagement session with Kate made such a big difference in my confidence and comfort on the wedding day” —Lisa Finn

Getting To Know You

I am realizing my approach to photography as an art is holistic in the sense that knowing the subject, really knowing some piece of who you are as a person and as a couple, helps me with everything from choosing the posing, lighting, location, and inspiration for your portraits.  Getting to know Lisa and Rob was not only super fun, I mean they literally had me laughing and smiling through out our whole session, but also made my job more meaningful and helped me so much to create personalized portraits for them that felt genuine and artistic. 

Working On Posing and “Camera Chemistry” 

Let’s face it most of us aren’t models!  And even with models it can take a little time to build what I call “Camera Chemistry” where we create what to me feels like a spark between my camera and the client, when I get my best pictures I don’t have to take a look at back of my camera to check the photo because I can just feel to connection and I know when we got it.  (I tend to look anyway haha don’t be offended if I do)  I will be honest Rob reminds me of how my husband and many men are on their first couples photo session, I could tell he felt a little uncomfortable, silly, and unsure of the process.  By being able to work with Lisa and Rob and take sometime to not just get to know them but also let them get to know me and how I work we were able to build some comfort and connection.

Wedding Day Success

How this all plays into the the wedding day is so powerful to me.  The time needed to build that connection, work on any fear, practice posing, and generally just get to know each other is out of the way---let's be real there is no time to waste on the wedding day! The feeling of confidence in my clients is irreplaceable because this is one of the main factors of what makes a true photo—a photo where you look natural and shine right through it to the viewer.

Wait until you see their wedding photos next...!




Makeup Artist: Heather Ree Style Studio   --it is always awesome when we get to schedule the trail appointment with Heather on the engagement session day!