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The Lucas Family In-studio Session

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

When Emily contacted us wanting to recreate a collage of photos from her childhood, we jumped at the chance. We knew our studio would be perfect for this project.

The original photos were taken when she was a little girl with her mom and her two siblings (check them out at the very bottom of the post). Emily now has her own beautiful family with three children, all at the perfect age to recreate the photos from her childhood! This was such an amazing surprise Christmas gift for Emily's mother.

The custom, in-studio session was so much fun. We were able to recreate the photos to look so similar to the originals while at the same time letting her and her children's personalities shine through! The final product was stunning, what an wonderful gift idea!

I love how photos are able to capture the most meaningful times in our lives and truly become some of the most precious heirlooms we have.

Check out the original collage along with the re-creation below!


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